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The Dallas Morning News

JobCenter from The Dallas Morning News and is the Metroplex’s most dynamic recruitment advertising brand. We provide a full suite of recruitment solutions including print, interactive, television and niche publications. The employment and labor market changes constantly. In order to remain effective and relevant, these diverse solutions must also continuously evolve. Our ability to communicate these changes to our clients in an efficient and meaningful way is critical to our business.

The eNewsbuilder system is very intuitive and easy to use. It only took a short while to become comfortable with the interface and to utilize it with confidence. Two features that are particularly useful are the HTML layout and the reporting system. The WYSIWYG is particularly useful for highly visual learners and users. The reports enable us to instantly see who is reading our newsletter, how deep they are exploring the content and what items interest them most. This detailed tracking information is extremely valuable in guiding future content, in addition to enabling us to quickly identify what products and services spark the most interest for the most number of people.

Our e-newsletter, Inside JobCenter, has become the primary means by which we share with our clients and partners what is going on “inside” the JobCenter universe. This includes introducing new products and services, extending special pricing offers, promoting special events and bringing industry news and trends directly to their desktops. Inside JobCenter enables us to bring a large amount of important information to our clients in an interactive environment that is very professional yet easy-to-navigate. We look forward to growing our subscriber database and maintaining Inside JobCenter as a valuable resource for our recruitment advertising partners.

Nann Philips
The Dallas Morning News
PO Box 655237
Dallas TX 75265

Tech Image

"The decision to change PR agencies is not one that organizations take lightly. It can be a painful process of transition and reeducation. Once that decision is reached, however, there is a very brief window of opportunity for new agencies to win the business. The challenge is being in the right place at the right time to swing through that window.

That was one of the objectives Tech Image had when we started working with eNewsBuilder in 2002. Our PR Intelligence Report has given us a consistent presence among clients, prospects, business partners, and other interested parties. From the beginning we made the decision to make the newsletter valuable to readers by focusing on ideas and information about public relations and the technology industry rather making it a self-serving promotional piece.

It’s a decision that has paid off. Every issue we receive multiple compliments from readers saying how much they enjoy it. In fact, I was recently surprised when the CEO of one of Chicago’s leading technology companies sought me out to mention how much he enjoys reading it. Each issue is opened immediately by roughly one-third of the people who receive it, while click-through rates on articles average 15% to 20%. We know recipients are reading it.

Tech Image often recommended using a newsletter to our clients to help them stay in front of prospects. But the thought of producing one for ourselves seemed daunting until we became an eNewsBuilder customer. The eNewsBuilder hosted application made it easy for us to take the content we produced (as well as content we captured from other sources) and send a very professional-looking newsletter.

In the beginning we used the basic service, taking advantage of the template the company helped us build while doing most of the work ourselves. Recently we switched to managed services, which made the newsletter even easier for us to produce. eNewsBuilder takes care of all of the layout and logistics, leaving us free to focus on the content that keeps the PR Intelligence Report from being deleted without opening. As an added bonus using the managed service meant that we didn’t have to add a full-time salary when the person who used to put it together in-house left the company.

The e-mail-delivered newsletter fits in well with our business, too. As the name implies, Tech Image is a Chicago-based public relations agency that is 100% focused on technology products and services. In fact, we are the largest independent technology-focused agency in the Midwest, with a staff larger than the technology practices at some of the largest agencies. Our client list, which includes FrontRange Solutions, Language Analysis Systems, ITA Software, Relational LLC, Fieldglass, and the Society for Information Management among others, hails from all over the U.S. As part of the Worldcom network of independent PR agencies, we have the relationships to help our clients get their unfair share of media coverage around the world, and have collaborated with some of those partners to get their clients launched in the U.S.

Tech Image has often been at the forefront of the technology business we live in every day. We were actually the first PR agency in the U.S. to have a Web site ( Our proprietary database of reporters and analysts is unequalled to our knowledge. Our use of eNewsBuilder is one more way that we’ve been able to get ahead – and stay ahead of – the curve.

As you can tell, we’re very satisfied customers. eNewsBuilder has helped us make sure that we don’t fall into becoming the shoemaker’s children."

Mike Nikolich is Founder and CEO of Tech Image Ltd., the largest independent technology focused public relations agency in the Midwest and a partner in the Worldcom network of independent public relations agencies. Incidentally, we send our PR Intelligence Report to those partners as well and have received many compliments from all over the globe.

The Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce

If ever I questioned the decision to take the Greater Dallas Chamber's newsletter online, all those misgivings disappeared after our first online issue using the eNews Builder tool from your company. We're on our second issue and the feedback from our executive staff, board of directors and members has been nothing short of fantastic.

The Greater Dallas Chamber chose your product for three reasons: simplicity, customization options and cost savings. Converting our monthly member newsletter, The Chamber Report, to an online format was a part of our long-term web marketing strategy. In deciding how to publish, however, we had to choose the very best option because our members expect Madison Avenue quality. So what do our members think? Here's a comment sent to our president from a Fortune 500 company:
"…The new electronic chamber newsletter is fantastic. Best in class, and believe me, I see a lot of them. Please pass my congratulations on to your communications folks."

As for cost, producing The Chamber Report with your system costs less than 5% of what I budgeted each month for printing and distribution in hard copy. Equally important, the system is much faster, so we can deliver news to our members while it's still hot. In addition, we save time and money because it takes significantly less labor to produce. The reporting tools make it simple to evaluate our effectiveness and manage our database, including the bounce-back emails that routinely come with online marketing ventures.

One final note: We've had more interest in advertising than we had in a year with the printed newsletter. Sales are brisk, and the revenue we're generating through advertising more than pays for our monthly investment. This very well could turn our newsletter from a cost center to a profit center.

In short, I strongly recommend Insight Commerce and the eNews Builder for online newsletter production because the product is first-class and the service is outstanding.

Formal Closing,

Lisa R. Brittain, APR
Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce
Vice President, Marketing & Communication
1201 Elm Street, Suite 2000
Dallas, Texas 75270
Phone: 214-746-6619

Orange County Library System

eNews Builder has proven to be great communication tool for the Orange County Library System. We first experimented with our enewsletter, Books & Beyond, which has a print distribution of 12,000. eNews Builder allows us to reach over 3600 additional customers immediately and its growing. The print edition of our newsletter requires a lead time to be produced, so with our eNews Builder edition we can add current events and messages.

Also, the Comments function allows us to receive instant feedback. We have had questions on how to get a library card, using the web site and joining the online book club; requests for information on how to find career information; suggestions for additional programs and computer classes; offers to volunteer in our libraries; and sharing of contact information from authors and writers.

Our teen newsletter IT (Informed Teens), has been developed into a colorful, visual media to reach out to our savvy teens in their fast paced computer world. Additionally, teachers, media specials and parents subscribe to this fun and informative newsletter that features programs, events, contests, and book lists One enewsletter user put it very simply..."This is Great!!!! Thank you for our outstanding Library System!"

The Orange County Library System, located in Florida with the Main Library in downtown Orlando and 13 Branches spread throughout the county, serves a diverse and wide spread population making communication a special challenge. eNews Builder definitely helps us meet this need!

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